Las Vegas Tribute Shows

Tribute shows in Las Vegas allow recreated performances from some of your favorite musical stars. Some of the top groups include The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Prince, Elvis, and more.

Las Vegas Tribute Show FAQs

Tribute shows and performances with impersonators allow your favorite superstars to return to the stage with all their top musical hits, iconic dance moves, and comedic laughs you have come to know and love. See which artists are currently performing.

What Are The Best Tribute Shows In Las Vegas?

Some of the most popular tribute shows in Vegas are home to iconic starts that have forever changed the entertainment world. It should come as no surprise that Legends in Concert, Purple Reign, and the Australian Bee Gees top this list. See our article for more details for the Best Tribute Shows In Las Vegas.

How Much Are Vegas Tribute Shows?

Ticket prices for tribute shows range from $45 to $98 depending on the show and date. Obviously, there are differences in cost depending on the seating areas. Finding the best prices for each show is simple using Spotlight.Vegas since the discounts are already built in.

What Is An Impersonator Show In Las Vegas?

Impersonator shows in Las Vegas bring iconic stars from the past back to the stage for reenactments of their performances, personalities, looks and behaviors. Imagine seeing MJ moonwalk, or Elvis sing his most coveted songs. These shows bring out the best from some of our favorite artists.

About Las Vegas Tribute Shows

Taking a trip down memory lane is easy to do in Las Vegas because there are so many tribute shows up and down The Strip. From Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson, and Cher to Prince your favorite stage stoppers are back.

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