Las Vegas Adult Shows

Las Vegas is known as Sin City and wouldn’t earn such a title if it didn’t provide a field of entertainment that was more on the steamy side just for adults.

Las Vegas Adult Show FAQs

This fantastic list of shows fit into the adult entertainment and strip show categories. These shows do have an 18 and older age limit, and are tasteful and enjoyable. Common show types include burlesque shows, strip shows, male revue shows, and strip tease shows. Getting frisky is never a bad thing in Las Vegas.

What Are Adult Shows In Las Vegas?

Another way to describe adult shows in Vegas is to define them as more racy performances. They contain acts or themes that simply aren’t for children. This includes strip shows or shows that contain more adult humor. Ones with sexy female performers are usually topless. While nothing is totally nude there is plenty of erotic focus.

How Much Are Vegas Adult Shows?

The prices for adult show tickets in Vegas do vary based on the show and potentially the date. They typically start in pricing around $35 and can go up to $125. Feel free to use our website to quickly and easily browse all seating and ticketing options with discounts built in so you have access to the best deals.

Which Are The Best Adult Shows?

Since there are a wide variety of adult show options, that likely are heavily dependent upon the audience type, we outlined some of our favorites. For a strip tease show with female performers a fan favorite is Fantasy. For muscular male entertainers you can never go wrong with Thunder From Down Under. Couples will find the plenty of enjoyment with Fantasy as well. Groups looking for something more focused on adult humor will love Absinthe. We’ve added some more in depth information on our Best Adult Shows In Las Vegas.

What Is A Las Vegas Burlesque Show?

In Las Vegas the main focus of a burlesque show is the choreography, sex appeal and talent of female performers. Essentially topless, adult fantasies brought to the stage with bubbly production. You can except playful audience interaction and intermittent comedy. Perfect for audiences of all types.

What Is A Male Revue?

Male strip shows, or male revues, are a girl’s night out. Chiseled male performers lead choreographed dance routines and sexy strip performances. Designed to be a show and a party in one, these experiences are perfect for women who are ready to let loose.

About Las Vegas Adult Shows

Don’t be turned off by the adult label applied to these type of shows. They are high quality and we promise you’ll have a great time. These spicey productions will have your heart racing in a tasteful manner and are not to be confused with X-rated shows you might see at a strip club.

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