Las Vegas Burlesque Shows

Mixing the iconic strip tease with revealing costumes, burlesque shows are a staple in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Burlesque Show FAQs

Burlesque shows bring daring and sensual performances to the stage. Be ready to see a lot of skin through the performance art of the tease. They may also include slapstick comedy, dirty jokes, choreographed dances, and solo female performances. The production is perfect for both males, females, couples, and groups.

What Are The Best Burlesque Shows In Las Vegas?

Vegas is known for brining sexy to the stage, and burlesque shows are the perfect performances. Some of the shows have been running in Las Vegas for years and are staples in the industry. The most popular ones include Fantasy and BurlesQ. You can also see our full writeup with further details in our Best Burlesque Shows In Las Vegas.

How Much Are Vegas Burlesque Shows?

When looking for burlesque show tickets you’ll find a spread in prices that can vary depending on the show, date, and of course seating locations. Prices can vary starting from $48 up to $73. At Spotlight.Vegas we have made it simple to compare prices, locate the best deals, and easily book with discount built in.

Do Burlesque Shows Still Exist?

Yes. While they first came onto the scene in the early 1900’s, burlesque shows have been prominently connected to Las Vegas show business. You will still find multiple shows at different properties on The Strip.

What Does A Burlesque Dancer Do?

The performers do elaborate, and risqué dance routines dressed in erotic costumes. Some examples of what they where include corsets, tassels, garters, stockings, feather boas and a ton of lace.

About Las Vegas Burlesque Shows

The art of seduction comes to life with every burlesque show in Las Vegas. These female strip shows are performances you'll have to see to believe.

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