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At Spotlight.Vegas, we believe there is a better way to do business in Las Vegas. One that simplifies booking in a less invasive way where customers are earned and not bought, and of course with the lowest prices and best promotional offers. We are obsessively passionate about everything our city has to offer, and our mission is to help people experience it all. We are excited to simplify the discovery and booking process for everyone through our software, customer service, and community.

Our Founding

Brought to life in 2020, Spotlight.Vegas was started as a result of the founders’ passion for the city, its wide array of activities, as well as a discovered opportunity to do things better. We launched with a website that made it easy to discover what there is to do, built a platform that made it simple to book, and most importantly removed a large portion of the hefty fees, all while providing responsive customer service and support.

Our Purpose

We know the Las Vegas experience begins long before you step foot on The Strip. It starts from the moment you start planning your trip and begin learning about the amazing shows, activities, and events. These decisions are what can make the experience great, or sadly, a frustrating hassle. With this in mind we created Spotlight.Vegas to provide the best tools, pricing, and customer experience to make sure you enjoy Las Vegas to the fullest.

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