Las Vegas Magic Shows

Las Vegas has a long history of being the home for some of the world’s top magicians and celebrity illusionists.

Las Vegas Magic Show FAQs

These amazing magic shows put their performances on the giant stages of The Strip. Whether you are looking for a show that is injected with comedy, or one more about the art of mystery, there is a fantastic show you and your group will enjoy.

Which Are The Best Magic Shows In Las Vegas?

When it comes to magic shows in Vegas there is quite a range of options. They vary from small theater stages to headlining acts at the top hotels. Some of the most popular and most entertaining include David Copperfield, Shin Lim, Xavier Mortime, and Criss Angel. We’ve written an article that goes into more details on our Best Magic Shows In Las Vegas.

How Much Are Vegas Magic Shows?

When browsing for Vegas magic shows you will find quite a spread in the ticket prices.  Tickets can be found for prices as low as $20 all the way up to $130. Obviously it depends upon the show and the seating areas. Finding the best prices for each show is easily done using the Spotlight.Vegas website. Plus, the discounts are already built in.

Who Is The Best Magician In Vegas?

When looking strictly at magician talent this is a very tough question. Some of the top magicians and illusionists have taken the front theater stages on The Strip. The top contenders on our list are Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, and Matt Franco.

Which Magic Shows Are Also Comedy Shows?

For groups looking to combine the awe of magic with a ton of comedy there are groups of fantastic shows that do both, and it’s a perfect combination. Be ready to laugh and be amazed with Mac King, Nathan Burton, and Piff the Magic Dragon.

About Las Vegas Magic Shows

If you are thinking it’s just going to be a magician on stage with some props you have to remember this is Vegas. In this world everything is taken to the next level with lights, music, and production effects. These shows are constructed to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We know you’ll be right at home at the edge of your seats.

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