Best Magic Shows In Las Vegas

When it comes to magic shows in Las Vegas you are in for a treat. Nowhere else can you find so many shows to choose from with a wide variety magician and illusionist talent. The real reason you are here is to answer what are the best magic shows in Las Vegas. We are here to help.

David Copperfield At MGM Grand



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This man needs no introduction as one of the top illusionists and performers of all time. David Copperfield has defined and redefined how magic shows are done in Las Vegas. Besides being blown away by his epic magic on stage, he also makes room for some delightful humor. Time and time again he proven his flawless abilities, and for that reason alone you can’t go wrong with his incredible show.

What we love:

Besides having mind blowing magic, the audience interaction and engagement is definitely highlights of the show.

Shin Lim At Mirage



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The show is branded as Limitless and there is no doubt Shin Lim brings mesmerizing talent when it comes to manipulating objects. He has been labeled a modern day wizard and rightfully so as the only person to win America’s Got Talent twice. Perfect for the entire family.

What we love:

On top of all his talents we are blown away with his astonishing feats of mind reading.

Penn & Teller At Rio

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This dynamic duo has made themselves famous with their outrageous combination of magic and comedy, and the results are amazing. The Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas is home to a luxurious theater with massive space to handle everything that their vast library of acts and entertainment throws your way. Without a doubt you’ll be asking yourself over and over again, how did they do that?

What we love:

Penn & Teller bring a different level of fun and amusement to magic showmanship that both impresses and entertains.

Criss Angel At Planet Hollywood

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Mindfreak is Criss Angel’s production creation which continues to leave audiences marveling with stunning technology and illusions set to overload the senses. His new experience at Planet Hollywood is described as revolutionary and fully immersive, which sounds like the perfect pair for a Las Vegas magic show. Prepare to have your mind blown and to enjoy every second from start to finish.

What we love:

The theater wows audiences with state of the art sound, digital screens, and video mapping which only add to the Criss Angel magic production.

Piff The Magic Dragon Show At Flamingo

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Hands down the #1 magic performing dragon of all time. All jokes aside, Piff The Magic Dragon, and his magic Chihuahua side kick, bring unbelievable acts. Made famous from America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller: Fool Us, never would you expect a man dressed in a dragon costume could bring so much laughter, excitement and awe to your life.

What we love:

Amazing magic aside, the amount of humor in the show leaves audiences laughing from beginning to end. Plus, the impromptu improv moments can’t be duplicated.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic At Planet Hollywood



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As a magician from America’s Got Talent, Nathan Burton now calls Las Vegas his home on The Strip. He is considered one of the best in town because his show has it all. This show brings a high energy approach to magic and there is never a dull moment.

What we love:

Nathan brings a wide variety of acts so audiences are treated to many different forms of magic including illusions and legerdemain.

What Is The Best Magic Show In Las Vegas?

One of the most astounding things about magic shows in Las Vegas is there are so many amazing shows to choose from. The problem with that is it becomes difficult to pick which one to see. You simply cannot go wrong selecting any of the shows we’ve outlined above, but if we had to pick which one was #1, our choice would be David Copperfield.

Which Is The Best Magic Show For Families?

Let’s face it, picking a magic show in Las Vegas when kids are involved might feel like a challenge. But have no fear, we are here to help. Our suggestion would be Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show as it provides a wide variety of acts, is easy to keep children entertained, and has great ticket prices.

Where To Get Las Vegas Magic Show TIckets?

The easiest place to get Las Vegas magic show tickets online is with Spotlight.Vegas. Here you’ll enjoy access to the lowest ticket prices, smallest booking fees, and the ability to choose your exact seats.

How Much Does It Cost To See A Magic Show In Las Vegas?

With so many different magic shows available ticket prices can vary quite a bit. See all ticket options and pricing on our Las Vegas Magic Shows page.