Las Vegas Comedy Shows

Whether you are looking for a comedy show to plan for your trip, or seeing what is available tonight, we have all the information you’ll need to laugh your ass off.

Las Vegas Comedy Show FAQs

From celebrity comedians, to kid friendly entertainment, there is something to make everyone laugh and just have some fun. Sin City is home to both resident headliners and touring comedians so there is a combination of shows that have a regular schedules and options for special calendar performances.

What Are The Best Comedy Shows In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas provides access to some of the top shows and performances from around the world, and live comedy shows are no exceptions. No matter if you are looking for something more standup, or spots that you can only find in Las Vegas, we’ve got your back. Top picks include Carrot Top, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, and Aces of Comedy. We’ve got more specific information at the Best Comedy Shows In Las Vegas.

How Much Are Vegas Comedy Shows?

Ticket prices for comedy shows in Vegas do vary in price depending on the show and seating areas. Prices range from $30 to $80. The simplest way to find the best prices is using the Spotlight.Vegas website. The good news is we already have the discounts built in.

Is There A Minimum Age To Attend?

Comedy shows are designed to be more for adult audiences and include humor not appropriate for children. The shows typically require guests to be 18 years and older, and some require guests to be 21 and older.

Do They Serve Drinks?

Hell yes! One of the benefits about Las Vegas is every show has a full bar. Having a drink is likely more important than ever with comedy shows to help loosen up a little bit.

About Las Vegas Comedy Shows

People come to Vegas to see all the excellent shows, and comedy shows are often at the top of their list. There is nothing better than escaping reality with some laughs.

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