Las Vegas Music Shows

Music shows are at the heart of Las Vegas, and here you will find a wide variety of performances with all styles of music.

Las Vegas Music Show FAQs

Musicals are mainstream in Vegas. From parody musicals that are filled with humor, to top notch vocal talents bringing your favorite songs, there really is something for everyone.

What Are The Best Musical Shows In Las Vegas?

Selecting the best music shows in Las Vegas is a difficult task because they range from giant arena concerts to intimate showroom performances. On top of that there is an ever changing list of top stars who either have residencies or will be performing for specific dates. Our advice is to see what exciting events are available from our show list above.

How Much Are Vegas Music Shows?

Music shows in Las Vegas have a wide variety of prices due to the fact that there are so many different shows on many different scales. Seeing an extremely popular musical artist inside a stadium would be a more expensive ticket compared to a smaller hotel musical show. Find the best prices for each show and event is easily done using Spotlight.Vegas, and on top of that, we’ve already built in the discounts.

What Are The Best Seats?

With so many showrooms and theaters with music shows, finding out which seats are the best is a very common. Lucky for you we’ve created a seating chart for each show to help answer all of these seating questions. Simply use our website and head to the show you are interested and look for the seating chart link for additional information.

What Is A Vegas Headliner?

For Vegas shows a headliner is a world-class entertainer or popular performer in which a show is based around. They are often some of the hottest tickets in town.

About Las Vegas Music Shows

Whether you are looking for something in a massive arena, a specific headliner, or a more intimate showroom, there is a show ticket that is a perfect fit for your itinerary.

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