Best Burlesque Shows In Las Vegas

Best Burlesque Shows In Las Vegas

It’s no surprise that burlesque shows are a timeless staple for Las Vegas entertainment and have been for decades. Perfectly fitting the “Sin City” moniker, burlesque shows are racy and sexy with revealing costumes and spicy dance routines.  From the large-scale productions on the Strip, to the downtown homegrown shows, there is definitely something for everyone and we’re going to break them down for you.

Fantasy At The Luxor


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Popular among singles and couples alike, Fantasy is virtually the longest-running burlesque show as it has been running for over 20 years. There are gorgeous dancers, sexy roleplay, combined with music, dance, song, and comedy. The show includes sexy schoolgirls and cowgirl costumes, so if that’s your thing, Fantasy is definitely for you. Do note that these costumes go off pretty fast.

What we love:
Even after being around for 20 years, the girls still showcase 15 high-energy numbers while keeping a sexy and sultry smile while playing out various fantasies, hence, the name.

Rouge At The STRAT


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Rouge is the epitome of what burlesque sexiness is all about. This intimate and immersive experience includes 18 incredible captivating topless women and men performing aerialist performances and dances from which the term ‘sexpertise’ was coined. If you are looking for a sexual awakening, best believe you’ll find it at ROUGE.

What we love: This one is unique in that the topless show also incorporates a variety of “non-burlesque” acts like comedians, contortionists, and acrobatics into the production.

X Burlesque At Flamingo


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Running as the city’s hottest topless revue for more than a decade, the X Burlesque beauties bare their assets all while playfully interacting with the audience. It goes from a sexy dance routine to an x-rated scene so quickly, you won’t believe your eyes. The girls dance, tease, seduce, and even playfully interact with the audience.

What we love:
Aside from it being one of the sexiest burlesque shows in town, it also incorporates a Las Vegas classic striptease in a champagne glass.

X Country At Harrahs


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Ya’ll! If you love country music and barely dressed, beautiful women, this show is for you!  From the producers of X Burlesque, X Country is for all of you who love country music. The show presents the closest you can get to Texas striptease, with top banging country tunes from Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

What we love:
The gorgeous women are not shy as they dance across the stage in cowboy boots and Daisy Duke short shorts, filling the room with great energy, and there’s even a bit of comedy mixed in.

Zombie Burlesque At Planet Hollywood


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Zombie Burlesque brings on a unique twist to the traditional sexy burlesque show, bringing you back to the late 1950s zombie culture. The sexiest, and most dead, women in town entertain alongside skilled performers with incredible acts, comedy, and music from a live band.

What we love:
It’s a fun, unique experience that combines sex appeal, horror, zombies, and comedy in one show.

What Is The Best Burlesque Show In Las Vegas?

With so many options of shows and beautiful women in Las Vegas, who can pick just one? All of the shows we outlines are fantastic in different ways, so we truly believe it comes down to personal preference. But if we had to pick which one was our #1, our choice would be Fantasy.

What To Expect At A Burlesque Show In Las Vegas?

Glitz, Glam, Dancing, Comedy and Barely-There costumes! Las Vegas burlesque shows include choreographed routines, audience participation, and there’s some aspect of parody and satire to these performances, so try not to take it too seriously.

Do Couples Go To Burlesque Shows?

Simply put, Yes! Because these shows can be a little spicy, the audience at burlesque shows is usually a good mix of bachelor parties, girls’ night out groups, and last but not least, couples! So, it should be a comfortable mix of people no matter who you are with.

How Much Does It Cost To See A Burlesque Show?

With so many options of burlesque shows, ticket prices can vary quite a bit. See all ticket options and pricing on our Las Vegas Burlesque Shows page.