Magic Mike Live Seating Chart

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The MAGIC MIKE LIVE Theater is specially designed for the amazing show so there are no bad views of the guys in the house.  The stage is located in the center of all the action and seating sections surround it on all sides. This 360° experience is like no other male revue setup in Las Vegas. Sections closest to the stage are P1. The middle of the room is filled with seating sections labeled as P2. The perimeter seating sections are categorized as P3 and P4.


What Seats Offer The Best View

Seats in the P1 and P2 sections will offer the best views and are closest to the stage. While these seating tickets are the most expensive they offer the best views of the entire performance.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

The best value based on price for MAGIC MIKE LIVE in Las Vegas are found in sections P4. They represent a great price point with seating views that ensure you’ll be a part of the entire show.

Find The Best MAGIC MIKE LIVE Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

About The MAGIC MIKE LIVE Theater

The MAGIC MIKE LIVE theater is so unique and exciting because it was built specifically for this show. With 360° seating the performance has multiple dimensions and the performers get to interact with full rotation views. There is no better way to see all the hotness that is MAGIC MIKE LIVE.

Bonus Takeaway – Not only is there a bar and lounge right outside the theater, but cocktail service is provided throughout the show.  So you never have to leave your seat during the show to grab another drink.

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