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The Linq

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About the Show
Speigelworld's DiscoShow proves that disco never died. The fully immersive show invites audiences to adventure through the history of Disco for a vibrational evening at The LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas. Get swept off your feet by the magic of disco, lose yourself in the music, and maybe even find yourself. Find the best DiscoShow tickets and book now.

Show Highlights

Get ready to party like its 1977! This new Vegas show wants you out of your seat. The audience at DiscoShow will be invited to step inside the action with the characters who were there at the birth of disco; into their lives; on the streets; at the club; encouraged at every moment to lose themselves in the music and on the dancefloor.

DiscoShow covers the action of the Disco Demolition Night on July 12, 1979 in which a riot ensued over the burning and explosion of disco records by anti-disco campaigners through a major league baseball promotion. “Over 40 years ago, conservative factions of the sporting world swung baseball bats at disco,“ says impresario of Spiegelworld Ross Mollison. “Ironically, today disco is fighting back to make way for a fantastic celebration of the music and joyfully defiant legacy that lives on today.”
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Show Details

Show Location
Spiegelworld Glitterloft - The Linq
Show Days & Times

Wednesday - 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Thursday - 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Friday - 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Saturday - 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Sunday - 7:00pm & 9:30pm

Show Length
70 mins
Age Restrictions

All guests must be 18 years of age or older. No children allowed.

Other Restrictions

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