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Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows

Notoriety at Neonopolis - Las Vegas, NV

About the Show
Be ready to have your mind blown away! Alain Nu delivers world-class performances of hypnosis and mind-reading at his one-man show Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows at Notoriety in Downtown Las Vegas. His powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, and metamorphosis have had him entertaining audiences all over the globe and even earned him his own TLC special. Find the best Alain Nu tickets and book now.

Show Highlights

It’s not hard to predict that you’ll love the Alain Nu show. This international man of mystery uses his untold powers of over 3 decades to foretell our actions, reveal our unspoken thoughts, and create seemingly unexplainable phenomena. This family-friendly show is full of crowd participation where you'll be amazed at each and every trick Alain has up his sleeve.

How does he do it? “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary,” says Nu. “For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible." Get your Alain Nu tickets & deals today.

Show Details

Show Location
Renkus-Heinz Theater - Notoriety at Neonopolis
Show Days & Times

Friday - 5:00pm
Saturday - 5:00pm
Sunday - 5:00pm

Show Length
75 minutes
Age Restrictions

No age restrictions.

Other Restrictions

Show Calendar

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