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Nicole Travolta Las Vegas

Rio Hotel

About the Show
Bad with money. Great with a (spray) gun. A one woman show about a compulsive shopper who freed herself from debt, marriage, shame, one spray tan at a time. For two nights only, Nicole Travolta will be at The Rio in Las Vegas with her dramatic / comical stage presentation based on her life experiences growing up. Find the best Nicole Travolta tickets and book now.

Show Highlights

Divorce, debt, and a drying up acting career by the age of 30, Nicole took a job spray tanning in Hollywood freeing her of her compulsive shopping debt one spray tan at a time. Spray tanning introduced her to a plethora of characters, and she's nailed impressions of some of the bizarre and hysterical interactions doing so.

Nicole is a gifted impressionist, especially notable are her Jennifer Coolidge, Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones (from Sex and the City), Elizabeth Holmes impressions that have tens of thousands and in some cases millions of views. During this show Nicole gets a little serious by sharing her story in an honest and vulnerable way where people are often moved to tears but it's not a melodrama, it’s a celebration of someone who was struggling but is now Doing Alright!

Show Details

Show Location
Duomo - Rio Hotel
Show Days & Times

July 14th - 8:00pm
July 15th - 8:00pm

Show Length
90 minutes
Age Restrictions

All guests must be 18 years of age or older. No children allowed.

Other Restrictions

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