What To Wear To Shows In Las Vegas

What To Wear To Las Vegas Shows

The Las Vegas strip has a ton of shows that run every day and night of the week, and at every hotel property on The Strip. The dress code for Las Vegas shows is pretty flexible, even if attending some of the higher-end casinos. Choosing what to wear is all about comfortability and planning. Check out our tips below on how to dress with some pointers.

Step 1

Consider what property your show is at. You should dress differently depending on if your show is at a three-star hotel compared to a five-star hotel. Traditionally nicer properties will have more upscale audiences at hotels like Bellagio or Wynn.

Step 2

Dress for the weather but don’t forget the conditions. While Las Vegas is definitely in the desert and the summers can be hot, typically guests spend most of their time inside the resorts. Unless of course you are walking Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas casinos, hotels, and showrooms do keep temperatures controlled to around 70 degrees. Take a light jacket or something to put on in case it gets cold.

Step 3

The time of day does matter. You will find more casual wear for shows during the day, and dressier attire for shows at night. Remember dressing up does not need to be formal attire.

Step 4

Traditionally the Vegas shows do not have strict dress codes. Being comfortable is most important. You will ultimately find others who are more dressed up, and others who are more casual. Dress to impress, it’s Vegas afterall, but most importantly have a great time.

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