Tommy Wind Seating Chart

The theater and showroom for the Amazing Magic With Tommy Wind show in Las Vegas is set up with a design so that every seat has perfect views of the entire performance. The seating map is constructed with seats around tables, booths near the rear, and general admission on the sides.

Which Seats Offer The Best Views

The seats located located to the center of the room and closet to the stage will be considered as the best seats.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

Purchasing the seats surrounding the tables along the sides of the theater are the best value and represent the perfect balance between price and seat location.

About The Tommy Wind Theater

One of the best things about this showroom at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas is that it creates and intimate experience for every show.

Bonus Takeaway – This showroom is also home to other shows including a male revue show, a Motown group, a burlesque show and more.