Things To Do In Las Vegas Off The Strip

While shows and attractions on The Strip are the most well known things to do in Las Vegas, not everyone is all about the glitz and glamour. Luckily there is so much more to do and experience. Anyone who as been to Vegas before knows how easy to lose track of time, and we wanted to introduce you to some of our top picks for things to explore that aren’t on The Strip when planning your next excursion.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Take in the full beauty and majesty of the iconic Grand Canyons aboard a helicopter. Enjoy panoramic views throughout the entire journey which also includes descending and landing 3,500 below the rim. Relax and visually take in the mighty Colorado River atop private bluffs within the natural and iconic canyon wonders.

Red Rock Canyon

Anyone looking to escape the city will be pleasantly surprised to find Red Rock Canyon just 30 minutes west. The scenic route is filled with hiking, viewing areas, and ridiculous photography opportunities.

Hoover Dam

Taking over 5 years to complete the Hoover Dam is a world-famous tour located about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. Feel free to take a guided tour or simply walk across the dam and take in the incredible views. It is hands down one of the impressive engineering feats.

Race An Exotic Car

Ever fancy taking a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Aston Martin on the race track? Seriously who doesn’t? Well Exotics Racing has built there own custom track and racing experience that let’s you do exactly that. You’ll be paired with a professional racer that will teach you how to handle, push, and race the exoitc car of your choice for a riveting racing experience like no other.

The Mob Museum

A history of organized crime is woven into the dynamic past of Las Vegas, and the Mob Museum puts it all on display in a fun and interactive experience. See how the mob influenced Las Vegas and the battles that erupted as a result. Filled with articles, presentations, and theaters this museum is not just for history buffs, and is a fun enjoyment off the strip.

Shop The Las Vegas North Premium Outlets

Located 15 minutes north of The Strip you’ll find a shopping mecca at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets. With 540,00 square feet and 175 designer and luxury brands this is a must visit spot for anyone looking to shop.

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