Shin Lim Seating Chart

About The Shin Lim Theater

The Shin Lim show is held at the Mirage Theater located on the casino level of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. It is built and constructed so that there are no obstructed views of the performances on stage and creates the perfect environment for this epic magic show. The maximum capacity for the theater is 1,265 seats.

Bonus Takeaway – This theater is home to multiple shows as it creates a spectacular environment for all performance types.

Find The Best Shin Lim Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

The Shin Lim Seating Chart

The theater setup for Shin Lim has seating divided into 3 sections. Section 101 is on the right, Section 102 in the center, and Section 103 on the left. These sections are also broken down into categories from A to D with A being closest to the front and D being at the rear.

What Seats Offer The Best View

The best seats for seeing the Shin Lim show would be Section 102 with Category A. These are front and center and provide the best viewing experience. While they do have the highest prices, there is no better way to see the magic.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

The search for seats which offer the best value would be any tickets in Section 102 in Category D. While they are more towards the back, there won’t be any issues seeing the show performance. Plus there is quite a bit of savings.