Postcard From Earth

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When was the last time you did something that truly took your breath away? Postcard from Earth at the Las Vegas Sphere is a movie experience like no other. This multi-sensory production will take you on a fully immersive adventure to explore the majestic beauty of planet earth like you’ve never seen before. 4D technology will allow you to feel the wind in your hair, smell the jungle landscape, and even get the sensation of flying through the air. The 50-foot-high holographic images will leave you in awe as you experience a journey across 15 different global locations and deep into space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Postcard From Earth At The Sphere About?

Postcard From Earth steeps you in a very loose 50-minute tale about life rising from the oceans onto the land, the birth of human civilizations and the moment, not so deep in the future, when humanity departs a despoiled Earth to settle other worlds — in the process recalling our home planet’s magnificence.

How Much Is Postcard From Earth?

Postcard From Earth pricing ranges from $114 – $278 depending on which section you prefer to watch the movie experience from. Find tickets here at Spotlight.Vegas

What Is The Message Of Postcard From Earth?

Director Darren Aronofsky warns us of how reckless consumption is hurting our planet Earth. Postcard from Earth narrates a story primarily about how humans came to dominate, and in turn are endangering our planet. While it doesn’t explicitly mention climate change, Aronofsky hopes it will “present some possibilities of how we can get out of this mess.”

Can You Eat & Drink At Postcard From Earth?

Like any other concert or sports venue, you can’t bring in outside food or beverages to Sphere. Once inside, there are plenty of food and beverage options, including non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails to purchase and enjoy while in the theater.

Is Postcard From Earth Worth Seeing?

Sure, you can see movies anywhere, but have you ever seen one on a 50-food-high, 18k resolution screen that wraps over and around you to the haptic chairs that let you feel the movie? We highly doubt it! Postcard From Earth is a movie experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and we believe it is 100% worth it and a must-see while you’re in Las Vegas.

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