Piff The Magic Dragon Seating Chart

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The seating chart for Piff The Magic Dragon is set up with 2 sections. They include the floor and the balcony sections. The floor section is on the same level as the stage while the balcony is located both higher above, and further back from, the stage. Seating on the floor section consists of seats around table and booths while the seating on the balcony level is standard showroom seating.


What Seats Offer The Best View

Seats located on the floor section, near the center of the room, at the circular booth offer the best views. There is plenty of comfort with direct views of the stage and limited blocking from other seated guests.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

You purchase money goes the furthest, and is considered the best deal, when buying seats located near the front and center of the balcony section.

Find The Best Piff The Magic Dragon Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

About The Piff The Magic Dragon Theater

The theater for seeing the Piff The Magic Dragon show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas is inside the Flamingo Showroom. It is constructed with seating options that are on both the floor and balcony levels with a total of 700 seats.

Bonus Takeaway – There are multiple seating options inside the showroom that include both regular seats and seats around tables and booths

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