Mystere Seating Chart

Mystere Seating Chart

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The design of the Mystere Theater ensures there is not a bad seat in the house, and is separated into 11 sections with two levels. Sections 102-104 provide the best views and are located near the center of all of the action. Sections 202-204 also provide seating with more direct views of everything, are located on the second level, and are lower in price. Sections 101, 105, 201, and 206 are located more on the side of the the theater and face less of the front of the performances.


What Seats Offer The Best View

Seats in Section 103 would be the best seats in the showroom. They are located directly in the center, are close to the action, and the performance faces directly toward them. They are the most expensive, which makes sense since they are considered the best.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

The unique design of the seating chart does offer direct views of the entire stage from any seat, some seats are just better when it comes to value. The best deal comes from choosing seats near the front of sections 202, 203, and 204. You’ll enjoy being in the center of the theater without having to spend too much money.

Find The Best Mystere Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

About The Mystere Theater

The Mystere Theater is conveniently next to the front desk area of the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. It was built specifically to be the home for the Cirque show with splendid acrobatics, characters, and storytelling. The theater has a seating capacity of 1,541 seats with a unique dome design.

Bonus Takeaway – The stage of Mystere is constructed with a layer of rubber that helps increase the bounce level for the performers on stage.

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