Mad Apple Seating Chart

Mad Apple Seating Chart

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The theater for Mad Apple is constructed in a way so that all seats provide full views of the entire performance. There are two levels of seating with multiple sections. Sections 101-104 are located front and center in the showroom and provide the best views. Sections 201-205 are positioned in the next rows back away from the stage. Lastly sections 301-305 are position on the second level of the seating map.


Which Seats Offer The Best Views

Selecting seats in sections 102 and 103 provide the best views of the performances. They are located close to the stage and are also nearest to the center of the theater. While they do have the higher price points, they are considered to be the best.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

Because of the way the Mad Apple theater is designed, seats chosen near the back of sections 202 and 204 bring the most value. They are the perfect balance of price and seat placement. Your money goes the furthest when choosing to buy these seats. You’ll get great views without breaking the bank.

Find the best Mad Apple seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

About The Mad Apple Theater

The theater for the Mad Apple show at the New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas. It was constructed specially for Cirque du Soleil production and is home to unique acrobatics, characters, and experiences.

Bonus Takeaway – Before the show begins the stage transforms into a bar atmosphere where guests can come and socialize before the performance in the middle of the showroom.

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