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What Is The High Roller In Las Vegas?

The High Roller is an observation wheel located in the LINQ Promenade that reaches highest of 550 feet with amazing & photogenic views of the The Strip & surrounding areas. The attraction includes climate controlled pods for ultimate comfort and viewing options.

How Long Does The High Roller Take?

The entire experience takes about 30 minutes to complete the full revolution from entrance to exit.

Where do I buy tickets for the High Roller?

Tickets for the High Roller are available for purchase online using the Spotlight.Vegas website. Easily browse, select, and purchase all ticket options and times. By purchasing online you can skip the box office waits and simply walk right in.

How Much Are High Roller Tickets?

Tickets and specific times are available for purchase online using the High Roller page. Prices vary depending on ticket type and ticket riding time slots. See our current promotions.

How to get cheap tickets for the High Roller?

The easiest way to get cheap tickets for the High Roller is to book them with the packages on the High Roller Ticketing page.

Is The High Roller A Ferris Wheel?

The High Roller is so much more than a Ferris Wheel and is why it is has been more appropriated categorized as an observation wheel (the largest one in the world). Besides being so much larger, the thing that separates the High Roller is the glass enclosed cabins.

When Is The High Roller Open In Las Vegas?

Hours of operation are each day of the week from 4pm until midnight on weekdays and 12pm until midnight on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

Is The High Roller Better During The Day Or Night?

It really comes down to personal preference. During the day you’ll get to see the wide landscape including mountains, valleys, and deserts. It is no surprise that Las Vegas shines at night, and this couldn’t be showcased any better than with the lights of The Strip. The nighttime experience delivers the electricity and iconic views of Sin City and the even the Bellagio Fountains.

Where Is The High Roller Located?

The entrance to the High Roller is located at the end of the LINQ Promenade built between the Flamingo and LINQ Hotels. The good thing is, because it is so large, it is hard to miss.

Are there High Roller ticket discounts?

Yes Spotlight.Vegas does have discounts for High Roller tickets. The discounts are already built in with our pricing for High Roller Tickets.

Where do I pick up my tickets for The High Roller?

Tickets for the High Roller are delivered by email and mobile device.

Does The High Roller Have A Bathroom?

Once you enter your pod and begin the trip around the High Roller there are no stops for bathrooms, and there isn’t one built in. You’ll want to make sure you make a potty stop before beginning the trip.

Can You Bring Drinks Onto The High Roller?

Yes you can bring outside drinks and beverages onto the High Roller, but glass, coolers, kegs, and cases are not allowed.

Does The High Roller Ever Stop Moving?

The High Roller never stops moving, even throughout the night when operations have closed for the day. It has a unique area designed for smooth transitions between entrance and exit.

Is The High Roller Worth It?

This observation wheel is a dazzling way to experience, view, and photograph Las Vegas. It’s the perfect stop in between activities or before or after meals. When looking for activities on The Strip the High Roller is a great economic choice.