Extravaganza Seating Chart

About The Extravaganza Theater

The Extravaganza variety show is held inside the iconic Jubilee Theater on the casino level of the Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas. It is perfectly constructed to showcase the wide variety of acts and production elements for the show.

Bonus Takeaway – The Jubilee Theater is iconic in Las Vegas and was one of the original showrooms for the famous Las Vegas showgirls.

Find The Best Extravaganza Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

The Extravaganza Seating Chart

The showroom design for Extravaganza is constructed with 6 sections. Located closest to the stage, and in the center of the room, are the VIP Tables and Booths. Also located at the front of the room, but this time on the sides, are the Tables & Booths. The Premium seating section is found a little further back from the stage, but also in the center of the theater. The Preferred seating section fills most of the center seats near the back half. Finally Regular and Reserved sections consist of the side and rear seating options.

What Seats Offer The Best View

The best seats for the Extravaganza show in Las Vegas would be from the VIP Tables and Booth and Premium sections. They are closest to the stage and also in the center of the showroom. They provide the best views of the entire show. They do have the highest price points as well.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

The best value for Extravaganza show tickets are found in the Preferred section. Specifically the seats located as much to the front and center as possible. Seats from this section provide the best balance of cost and show seating locations are are the best bang for your buck.

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