Chippendales Seating Chart

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The Chippendales Theater is constructed into 3 zones. The first zone is the VIP tables. These circular tables with seating around them are located closest to the stage and the middle catwalk. The next zone is the Main Floor Hot Seats. These seats fill out the remaining areas on the main level. The third zone is the Balcony Seating and is found on the second level of the showroom. All seats have obstructed views of the stage and performances.


What Seats Offer The Best View

Seats located in the VIP Tables areas are the best seats and provide the best up close and personal views and experiences with the show and the entertainers. If you want to be in the middle of all the action, or want one of your group members to be brought on stage, it is highly suggested you purchase tickets in this area. They are the most expensive in the showroom. If there is less of an interest of having interaction with the men, go with  the Main Floor Hot Seats.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

The best value and eal for seats at Chippendales in Las Vegas has to be the Main Floor Hot Seats. From these seats you’ll be able to see and enjoy the entire show without having to spend the most money. With the money you save you can buy more drinks for the show.

Find The Best Chippendales Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

About The Chippendales Theater

The Chippendales Showroom is constructed perfectly for the male revue show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Get ready to get wet with the male strip show that started it all. Make your night epic with the sexy performers that will make your night.

Bonus Takeaway – The showroom has a center catwalk where the performers make their way into the center of the crowd.

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