Cheap Things To Do In Las Vegas Under $30

Everyone in Las Vegas has a budget, and one of the best things about Sin City is that there are excellent activities and attractions that don’t cost a lot. So if you are a baller on a budget, or just looking for some of the more economic options in town, we’ve got you covered with our list of cheap things to do in Las Vegas under $30.

The High Roller

Cost: $21

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Calling it a ferris wheel feels like an insult. The High Roller observation wheel lets you view the entire Las Vegas Strip from 550 feet up. Enjoy the 30 minute trip from within an enclosed and temperature controlled cabin.

The Neon Museum

Cost: $20

Explore the history of Las Vegas through it collection of eccentric and iconic neon lighting and signs at The Neon Museum outdoor exhibit. Take a trip through time and consider the newest video mapping tours which bring historic Vegas atmospheres back to life.

The Rio Zipline

Cost: $27.50

Nowhere else in Las Vegas can you literally zip between hotel rooftops 400 feet in the air. The zipline at the Rio Hotel invites you to do exactly that, and you can have your partner in crime right next to you. It is the tallest and the fastest zipline experience in town.

The Big Apple Coaster



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Cost: $19

Ready for some thrilling excitement with a rush of adrenaline? The popular roller coaster at the New York-New York Hotel provides just that with speeds up to 67 mph, a 203 ft. drop, and multiple full loops and twists. As an added bonus you can see a lot of The Strip when you aren’t screaming your lungs out.

Red Rock Canyon

Cost: $15 per vehicle

Located just outside of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon features a scenic, 13-mile drive that encompasses hiking trails, observation points, wildlife, geology, and stunning photography opportunities. A perfect half-day excursion that takes you off the beaten paths.