Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club Seating Chart

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The comedy club showroom is perfect for viewing Brad Garrett and his ever changing cast of comedians. The majority of seats are set with two seats and a table. Near the back of the room there are options for booths with up to four seats. Seating is broken down into 3 Zones. Zone 1 is closest to the stage and some of the booths located near the center of the room. Zone 2 is filled with seats in the middle of the room. Zone 3 consists of seats located in the sides and rear of the club.


What Seats Offer The Best View

The best seats at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club are from Zone 1 and located nearest to the center of the showroom. They simply offer the best views and the premiere seating experience. As you might suspect they also carry the highest ticket price.

Which Seats Offer The Best Value

While Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club is designed so that no seat deals with obstructed views, some seating options offer the best value. Tickets closes to the front of Zone 2 would be ideal for a perfect balance between seat location and cost.

Find The Best Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club Seats – Use the seating map to select and compare all seating options.

About The Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club Showroom

Brad Garrett and his lineup of stand-up comedians perform in the Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club located on the Underground level at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The showroom has a seating capacity of 252 seats and is built with seated tables and booths.

Bonus Takeaway – The showroom is built with old-school charm with the ambiance of 1920’s New York, and specifically for stand-up comedy acts.

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