The Best Shows In Las Vegas

Best Shows In Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is known for having a little bit of everything, its shows are definitely one of the most popular activities to experience during your visit.  The good news is there are a wide variety of show options, and they are fantastic. With so many to choose from we decided to add some assistance and let you know which ones are our favorites. Some might call it a list of the top shows in Vegas, we call it a helping hand in entertainment.

Cirque du Soleil

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Selecting Cirque du Soleil to be #1 on our list wasn’t the difficult part. Attempting to choose which one of the Cirque shows is the best seemed almost impossible, so we decided to combine them and simply present the production company as a whole. When it comes to Cirque and Las Vegas there are six shows to choose from, and each offers something unique and exciting. We are sure you will be wowed no matter which one you select.

Mystere is a legendary fan favorite with phenomenal acrobatic performers and playful imagination. “O” features a water environment with mesmerizing choreography and music combined with spell-bound performers. Michael Jackson One creates a magical tribute to the King of Pop with action packed dancing and electric costumes. KA brings stage production and engineering to unprecedented levels and combines with a journey filled with live action stunts. The Beatles Love takes you on a magical journey led with emotion connections and production only Cirque can deliver. The newest Cirque du Soleil show is Mad Apple which brings the thrill, energy and vibes of NYC with acrobatics, music, comedy, and dance.

Carrot Top


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Sometimes you are just ready to laugh. One of the longest running shows in Las Vegas is Carrot Top. His combination of stand up and prop humor is always kept fresh with new material. His show is high energy, face paced, slightly raunchy, but ALWAYS hilarious.

From the start of the show, until curtain close, you will not stop laugh. Carrot Top is clever and edgy and finds ways to incorporate and make fun of current events, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and more. You never know what he is going to pull out of his stage trunk.


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You’ll immediately discover something is going to be different with Absinthe compare to any other shows in Las Vegas the moment you walk up to its climate controlled mega tent in front of the Caesars Palace Hotel. Trust us you are in for a wild ride, and it’s a fantastic one. If we had to describe Absinthe with one phrase it would be “raunchy, but so much fun”. If you are offended by dirty jokes please skip this show. But if you are ready to be entertained with comedy, acrobatic acts, and ridiculously unique stage characters you’re in for an evening you won’t forget. It’s called absinthe for a reason because once the shows starts you’ll be lured into a new realm, one filled with laughter, awe, and WTF.

Blue Man Group


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A visually stimulating and musically brilliant adventure awaits each audience at Blue Man Group. You might be confused about what this show really is when you see images of three characters in black suits with skin covered in blue. Well this is part of the fun. You enter the theater not really knowing what to expect, and quickly discover an epic show based around comedy, interaction, and sound. It’s simply a treat for the senses and a huge mess of fun.

Thunder From Down Under


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Described as a must-do for all bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, Thunder From Down Under is girls night outback. This high energy male revue show brings sexy entertainers from Australia to the showroom at the Excalibur Hotel. It is definitely a hands-on experience that combines sexy entertainers with choreography, music and cheeky humor. You’ll have a blast and will leave wondering when you can go again.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show


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You have the chance to see it all within one show. This variety show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel includes a full range of acts and performances, and even has its own V Theater built to host such a wide range of acts. If you are having trouble trying to pick a show, V The Ultimate Variety Show might just be your answer. You’ll be treated to acrobats, dancers, hypnotists, jugglers, and more. Plus, tickets are some of the best priced on The Strip.

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