Best Male Revue Shows In Las Vegas

Best Male Revue Shows In Las Vegas

Male revue shows have been a staple of Las Vegas for decades and there is no shortage of options with charming, hunky guys for your bachelorette party, divorce party, girls night out, or other celebrations. If you want to experience the epitome of excitement, sensuality, and jaw-dropping performances, we invite you to explore any of these shows listed below.

Thunder From Down Under At Excalibur


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See the sexiest blokes in town.  From their trademark accents to their bulging muscles, the men of Thunder From Down Under hit the stage to show off their seductive dance moves and offer cheeky humor. During the show, the guys will act out every woman’s fantasy, such as dressing like firemen, police offices, doctors, and sailors while performing lap dances, strip teases, and choreographed routines on stage.

What we love:
Expect these hunky Australians to hop onto tabletops, come up close to you, and make you part of their main act, pulling a few lucky ladies on stage.

Chippendales At The Rio

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Best known for their bow and shirt cuffs, bare torsos, and seductive male striptease performances, the sexy men at Chippendales deliver performances that show off their athleticism — and assets. The self-described “Sex-Gods” have been performing at The Rio for over 21 years. Performances include acrobatics and themed dance routines with cowboy, military, construction, and even firefighters outfits.

What we love:
Not only are the men talented and charismatic dancers, they sing, dance, and even play with fire to keep things extra hot!

Magic Mike Live At The Sahara


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MAGIC MIKE LIVE is inspired by the hit Channing Tatum movie that shares the same name, so you know the men are going to make it a steamy, unforgettable night. This daring and sexy show hits all the right moves with the 360 degree stage ready for dance and acrobatics. Your temperatures will rise with the perfect combination or choreography, music, product, and just wait for that rain scene!

What we love:
The stage is 360 degrees so there is not a bad seat in the house. They also use the entire theater so the odds that you’ll get up close and personal at some point are pretty darn good.

Black Magic Live At LaMarre Theater


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Any girl group in the mood to hang out with some delicious men will absolutely enjoy Black Magic Live and all of its acts. The show is filled with a band of beautiful black men with buff bodies performing seductive stripteases and sexy, synchronized dance moves that are worth drooling over. Unique parts of show play homage to The Temptations, Wakanda, The Negro leagues, and even a circus.

What we love
Vivica a. Fox created this show making it the only black male revue show in all of Las Vegas. Bring on the chocolate!

Aussie Heat At Alexis Park Resort


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Aussie Heat is the hottest and most hands-on male revue in Las Vegas. This highly rated and affordable male revue show is filled with jaw-dropping choreography, infused with Australian wit and charm, and featuring abs that won’t quit. What sets Aussie Heat apart from the competition is that it’s centered around a striptease combined with some of the best hip hop, breakdancing, and street dancing skills in the business.

What we love
This surprisingly adventurous male revue is raunchy and fun but also cheeky and funny.

What Is The Hottest Male Show In Las Vegas?

Have you seen those photos and read what was written above? How are we supposed to choose which of these is the hottest? Luckily, we don’t have to. According to Las Vegas Review Journal, Chippendales has won Best Male Revue Show & Best Bachelorette Party for 11 consecutive years! If you ask us personally, we would have to say our #1 is Thunder From Down Under!

Are Guys Allowed At Male Revue Shows In Vegas?

While the audience members at male revue shows are mostly women, all genders are welcome to go see any of the shows!

Is Thunder From Down Under Or Chippendales Better?

These two shows are very much alike in that they both have very attractive and barely clothed in-shape men dancing on a stage. It is incredible difficult to make this comparison as they are both fantastic. We invite you to check out the videos for each here and decide for yourself: Thunder From Down Under Video & Chippendales Video.

How Much Does It Cost To See A Male Show In Las Vegas?

While there are many different male revues to choose from in Las Vegas, we know pricing is most important! As pricing does vary quite a bit, find all ticket options and pricing at our Las Vegas Male Revues Shows Page

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