Best Las Vegas Shows On Sundays

Las Vegas Shows On Sunday

It’s no surprise to anyone that Las Vegas is jammed packed with an endless list of the top shows in the country. We understand how overwhelming it can be to pick the perfect show. Let us break down our best Las Vegas shows on Sunday nights to try and help you make this decision.

Criss Angel Mindfreak At Planet Hollywood


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Mindfreak is Criss Angel’s production creation which continues to leave audiences marveling with stunning technology and illusions set to overload the senses. His new experience at Planet Hollywood is described as revolutionary and fully immersive, which sounds like the perfect pair for a Las Vegas magic show. Prepare to have your mind blown and to enjoy every second from start to finish.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club At MGM Grand


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If laughing profusely is your ultimate goal you have come to the right place with Brad Garrett. This comedy club is filled with a lineup of stand-up comedians and special appearances. Tucked away inside the MGM Grand this theater provides the perfect stand-up environment that may make you pee your pants.

iLuminate At The STRAT


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iLuminate is the most fun you will have in the dark while in Las Vegas where top dancers and choreographers sync with unique technology, lighting, illusions and music. You’ll quickly see why it was named Best New Act in America by America’s Got Talent.

All Motown At Alexis Park Resort


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The all-female performers of All Motown are called “The Duchesses of Motown.” They transport audiences back to the early days of Motown Records when the most prominent Motown performance groups were The Supremes and The Marvelettes. As the only all-female Motown revue in Las Vegas, their booming voices and sparkling gowns will have you on the edge of your seat for every passionate note.

Awakening At The Wynn


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The dazzling spectacle of Awakening, restaged and reimagined, is thrilling audiences at Wynn Las Vegas with new characters, costumes, choreography and original music. You’ll be awestruck by this production set upon a 60-foot, 360-degree prismatic stage, a true architectural marvel.

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