Best Cirque du Soleil Shows In Las Vegas

One of the most common questions asked during the show selection process is what is the best Cirque du Soleil Show in Las Vegas? It is no wonder since the Cirque shows are some of the most popular shows overall on The Strip. They are well known for their amazing entertainment and out of this world performances and talent. Their ability to master the collaboration of technology and acrobatics is unmatched. With six different shows to pick from we figured we would breakdown our input and help with choosing.

“O” At Bellagio


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Being located at one of the crown jewel properties with the iconic Bellagio fountains means something special, and “O” compliments this perfectly with their aquatic theme. A 1.5 million gallon pool is the center stage and introduces a new element that really separates it from the other Cirque du Soleil shows. It has circus, diving, comedy, and beauty all rolled into one fantastic creation.

What we love:

Simply put “O” is a mind-blowing experience that defies the imagination. The quality of production is simply unmatched.

Mystere At Treasure Island


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Being the longest running Cirque show in Vegas brings confidence to any visitor that Mystere is something not to be missed. In our minds it really has set the stage for all production shows, and brings a level of acrobatic talent that leaves minds blown. Mystere traditionally has the best price point and is also the best Cirque show for kids.

What we love:

The presentation of color and costumes of the magical Mystere characters creates wow factors from beginning to end.

The Beatles Love At Mirage


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With Beatles Love the magic of Cirque du Soleil production fits perfectly with the spirit and musical brilliance of the Beatles.  Their timeless legacy of music is brought to life with high energy acrobatics in a show that simply needs to be seen to accurately convey the magic. The best part is you don’t have to be familiar with the band’s music or even a fan to love this show.

What we love:

The music of course. The Beatles Love creates emotional attachment to a journey through iconic time periods. The ability of Cirque to link this with amazing acrobatics is what sets it apart. We also love the panoramic visuals and sounds of the theater.

KA At MGM Grand


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Action and special effects are the focus for this elaborate Cirque production which follows the story and adventures of brother and sister separated during war. Elaborate fight sequences paired with dynamic visual effects are what make KA special.

What we love:

The hydraulic production stage is like no other show in Las Vegas. This engineering marvel allows entire sections of the stage to move, float, and even rotate 360 degrees to create scenes that are unparalleled.

Mad Apple At New York-New York


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The wild side of New York City comes out to play with Mad Apple. In celebration of the city that never sleeps you’ll find the perfect blend of comedy, music, dance, magic and of course….high-flying acrobatics.

What we love:

Before the show starts the stage is setup for a unique bar and lounge which invites guests to come early, mingle, and have fun.

Michael Jackson One At Mandalay Bay


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The legendary spirit of the King of Pop brings an enchanting and high energy experience to Las Vegas with the magic of Cirque. The perfect balance of the choreography you’d expect from anything with the Michael Jackson name is matched with high flying aerial stunts set to knock your socks off. Take an immersive journey through the spotlight as you sing along with an epic Michael Jackson One experience.

What we love:

The mix of MJ choreography and all new original moves highlight the essence and energy of the music and icon we know and love.

Which Is The Best Cirque du Soleil Show In Las Vegas?

We’ve outlined all the top Cirque shows on the Las Vegas Strip and you want to know which one is the best. While this is no easy task since they are all pretty fantastic, if we had to pick, our #1 choice would be “O” at the Bellagio.

Which Cirque Show Is Best For Couples?

The best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas for couples is Michael Jackson One as it brings the perfect combination of music and fun with a mix of amazing acrobatics.

Where To Get Cirque du Soleil Show Tickets?

The easiest place to get Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show tickets is with Spotlight.Vegas. You’ll have access to the lowest ticket prices, smallest booking fees, and the ability to choose your exact seats.

Which Seats Are The Best For Cirque du Soleil?

Each Cirque show theater in Las Vegas is specifically designed for the individual items that make each show unique and epic. While the seats in the theater allow each guest to view the entire show with unobstructed views, we’ve outlined the best seats for each show using our seating charts below:

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