Awakening Seating Chart

Awakening Seating Chart

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The design of the Awakening Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas provides 360-degree seating that is segmented into 6 sections for a technically immersive experience. Each seat has a full view of all parts of the show production.


What Seats Offer The Best View


Rows A–C: The front-row experience—and row 2 and 3—in the Awakening Theater immerses you within the spectacle, seated just a few feet from each sultry dance step and every awe-inspiring visual. Diamond is for those who want to see and feel it all.


Rows D–F: Revel in Awakening’s most breathtaking moments from the proximity of this seating, located in rows 4, 5 and 6. Emerald is for those who love the excitement and the energy of being close to the stage but also what a panoramic perspective.


Rows G–I: Mid-level seating offers the ultimate way to enjoy the ambiance of Awakening’s in-the-round setting. Sapphire is for those who love high energy from all angles.


Rows J–K: Experience the most expansive view of the action in Awakening in this upper-level seating, which offers an all-encompassing look at every dramatic move and scenic detail. Ruby is for those who love the big picture.


Row L: The Awakening Theater’s VIP Circle features plush lounge seating that offers a panoramic view of every dazzling moment. Your VIP experience starts with luxurious reserved seating where your personal host will present you with a souvenir program before serving a glass of premium Champagne and a delectable dessert perfect for enjoying during the performance.

What Seats Offer The Best Value

The best value for Awakening seats, and where you money will go the furthest, is with the Ruby seats. Even though these seats are located higher in comparison, due to the spherical construction of the theater, these seats don’t sacrifice any of the viewing experience.

About The Awakening Theater

The Awakening Theater is located inside the Wynn Las Vegas. The unique design makes it the perfect fit for the spectacular show production.

Bonus Takeaway – There are speakers built into every seat in the theater so each guest has personalized audio.

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